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I find that massive doses of vitamin C do more for fatigue than most anything else. I started out by eating oranges and oranges and oranges until I thought I would die from some orange overdose related weird ball side effect LOL.. However I got smart and started taking vitamin C tabs. I started out taking double the recommended dosage, and continued increasing it until I was at 8000 mgs a day. (16 tablets which I just let dissolve in water, and then drink it like orange juice)

Learning how to say "no" was also a great help. I was (and still tend to be) the kind of person who always carries her share of the load, and was always available to help my friends. However, I have learned to pace myself, and if I feel too tired to do something, I just say no. I often babysit for my daughter for example, so she can keep those costs down, but have told her to always have a back up sitter available. That way if I wake up and realize I don't have the strength to mind the little ones that day, I can decline to do so without feeling like I have left her in the lurch. It is a system that works well for me, and for those who are a part of my life.

Finding your balance is difficult when you are diagnosed with a disease that can be as devestating as lupus. Start keeping a record of the things you find really taxing physically, and then look at ways to modify those activities so you can still take part and be "productive" without totally exhausting yourself.

I hope I don't sound too "preachy". I've had SLE for about 11 or 12 years now, and have learned a lot over those years. Sometimes I forget that other people may not have the same outside factors in their life that allow them to really take care of themselves. I truly don't know how I would cope if I had to still work at full time employment. I was fortunate enough to have an insurance policy to cut in when I became too ill to work for example...

Anyway, I hope that vitamin C will give you a bit more energy and that you will be able to enjoy things like brushing your little ones' hair without having to deal with unreasonable levels of pain or distress.

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