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Hi Kelly welcome

I would look into another Reumot Doc. ASAP you sound like you have Lupus the Red marks on your face is it across your nose cheek to cheek, fatiuge yes thats one, your eyes is also one it involves calcium build up it will mess with your vision. weird rash on your body it will make you scratch and leave little white scars behind, your bones will hurt & joints, your eating habbits may decrease, night sweats, Hair will fall out, your teeth will hurt, you will get canker sores on and under your toung. also Reanods Phenominom this effects your fingure nails and toe nails, The sun will effect some not all though just were sun block, weight loss be care full if you loose to much weight it could effect your kidneys, also Lupus Kidney his can also deelope if things arenot looked after. I have more I can tell you If you want. But first try a new Reumot Dr. get a CBC Blood test to check for Lupus. Once you get the right Dr. and get on the right MEDS for you if you have any of the other symptoms I mentioned they will calm down to a point. hope this helped

Good Luck

Sal [quote]Originally posted by KellyinIndy:
[b]Hello to everybody. My name is Kelly and I'm 27 years old. I need to do a little venting because I'm not getting any answers!! I recently went to have my eye looked at by my GP because it was red & swollen (it had been happening on and off for over 2years). He refered me to an Optomologist who said is was inflamed and that something else was causing it. They asked if RA or Lupus runs in my family. The only person I know of is my 1/2 sister has RA. They ran some blood test and my ANA came back positive 1:80, don't know the pattern. They also ran a whole bunch of other tests. They only ones that came back abnormal was my VDRL, well this one I've been getting a false positive on for about 9 years, which the doctor at the time said I was just a fluke. Also, my sed rate was slightly elevated. My GP decided nothing was wrong without even speaking to me after my blood test came back so I made an appt on my own with a Rheumatoligist. I went and she asked all the typical questions, basically my symptoms are: Fatigue, The above mentioned blood tests, hair is falling out, hot flashes, achy joints and muscles (not swollen), extreme back pain (have had it since I can remember), red blotches that come and go on my face and super sensitive to sunlight. So the Rheumy re-ran some blood test because she said that my ANA is borderline and this time it came back 1:640. So all being said and done her response was let's wait and see if you get a low grade fever or start having any organ involvement.

I'm so frustrated! Sorry to have rambled so long, I just needed to vent.

I guess I need some advice if I should wait or if I should try to find another doctor (both GP & Rheumetologist).

Thank you all for reading my post.[/b][/quote]


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