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Could it be Lupus?
Jun 6, 2003
Hi..I am a 31 Year old female with a multitude of symptoms and no answers. For Years I have had strange episodes of chest pains which have led me to emergency rooms but no tests showed anything. Only once,about 6 years ago I thought I was having a Heart attack. The hospital finally said I had Pericarditus??(not sure if I spelled that right)They weren't sure why I had gotten it because I hadn't been ill but I was treated with prednisone, a week on, a week off for several weeks and it helped. I have also been to the hospital and doctors with strange outbreaks of hives and rashes. From the time I was 4 years old I have had severe joint pain in my knees, ankles, and wrists. So severe I could not walk. My mother took me to several specialists back then who couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. XRays showed nothing.I have dealt with the aches and pains every since then. Usually Tylenol or aspirin relieves it but sometimes not.Having this pain since childhood I think that I have grown acustomed to it,but in December it suddenly got worse..I blamed the cold weather..but it never went away. My knees and ankles ache so bad almost every day. In January I began to get overly tired and pale throughout the day and then I noticed my hair was falling out...all over..not just in one spot...but falling out alot...I began having Bowel trouble...blood in the stool..severe bloating..constipation.Bloating is with or without constipation,dizziness,ringing in my ears, a strange rash on the lower part of my arms underneath that seemed to come on with activity,the rash was big red splotches under the skin,but they come and go??? My lymphnodes in my neck were swollen for 3 months to point where you could see them by looking at me,but that finally went away,off and on shortness of breath. I have had a colonoscopy,abdominal cat scans,pelvic ultrasound,ultrasound of gall bladder,thyroid scan ,upper gi,mri of my head,chest xrays and a gazillion blood tests... My first cat scan came back with small kidney stones, cysts on my ovaries 2 and 3 cm, and a possible mass in the body/tail of the pancreas,my second cat scan(pancreatic protocol) came back okay...I had 3 weeks since December where I felt as if I was getting better. Then all of a sudden I slowly became tired,bloated,dizzy,pale,my hair was falling out again,rashes were starting to appear,my knees were achey again...I went to a rhuematologist who read my blood test results, looked at my fingernails??..made me walk across the room and then said she didn't see any signs of Lupus but gave me pamphlets on Fibromyalgia??? Oh and medicine for my stomache which gave me severe diahreah so she told me to stop taking it.... I'm not sure I am comfortable with the Fibromyalgia diagnosis..I don't hurt to the bones just ache inside and I have rashes and hair loss. I go back to see her in a week..I have not been myself now for 7 months..I have 2 active children who are tired of me being tired..I am a very active person who enjoys every inch of my life and all of a sudden I feel like it's been taken from me..I just want to feel better..I can't get through the day at work without feeling sick every day..and my hair is falling out which is traumatic to me because you can tell now...Could this be Lupus??? Even with normal blood ANA and rhuemetoid factors were all mom says I should contact The Lupus Foundation for a good Doctor who is knowledgable with Lupus...she goes to the VA so I can't see her Dr...Could all of this be Fibromyalgia..or could it be Lupus???

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