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My aunt on my father's side was diagnosed with lupus as a young woman. It killed her long before I was even born. My father's brother who is probably somewhere around 60 years old was just recently diagnosed with both lupus and diabetes. My 21 year old sister has been having strange symptoms for a while now, including back pain, numbness, tingly extremities, painful knees and joints, and has been back and forth from the doctor's. They haven't come up with anything. These symptoms started when she began birth control. She is going to her first visit to a rheumatologist in a few days and I'm afraid she might be diagnosed with lupus.

I also started taking birth control and am about to finish my third month. I read some disturbing numbers - the chance of developing lupus is increased by 2.5 times in the first three months of taking birth control. Since two of my father's siblings have/had it, I'm paranoid that my sister and I will both end up with lupus :dizzy:

I would like to know if anyone has experience with lupus and estrogen. I've read that symptoms can be triggered by environmental factors, so if my sister does in fact have lupus, will her symptoms disappear if she stops taking birth control? Should I be concerned about taking birth control?

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