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I have had panic attacks or "spells" with the same sympoms for 7yrs. I will be sitting watching TV (or doing anything) and suddenly won't feel right. I get a warm sensation in my chest that spreads across my chest and into my neck, I go instantly pale, SOB, tachycardia, blood pressure goes up, hands sweat, basically feel like I'm about to explode. It usually lasts for 10mins and then subsides with shaking and cold chills, and I will feel wiped out afterwards. Sometimes it will come in waves of 2-3 attacks. Other times it will be so bad I will call 911 because I think I'm having a heart attack (been to the ER 50 times for this). I also have extreme fatigue, sore parotid glands that come and go, flu-like symptoms, electrical shocks throughout my body, squeezing pains in my head, terrible GI problems (reflux, bloating etc..) Nauseas spells where I instantly feel like I'm going to pass out etc...I have seen over 20 specialists (37yr old male, other wise healthy - 6ft, 160pnds) with very few answers.They did every cardiac test in the book, including an angiogram, all negative. Also every GI test, negative except recently found delayed gastric emptying and bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine (hydrogen test). Also I recently saw a Rheumotologist who did an ANA test which was positive (1:80/Speckled pattern). He says i might have an auto-immune disease or infectious process and we are looking into that. Otherwise have had every blood test in the book (HIV, pheocromocytoma etc..) all negative, though postive epstein barr (old infection) and positive CMV (old infection). I believe you should get an infectious disease workup and an auto-immune disease workup if you haven't already. These diseases have many panic like symptoms. I encourage you to also see a naturopathic Dr. and be tested for heavy metal poisoning (i.e. mercury, etc..) as it is often the culprit. You would be surprised how many people suffer needlessly from these symptoms because of heavy metal poisoning. Most auto-immune disorders are caused by this. The mercury builds up in the organs and needs to be detoxified from the body. this is not hogwash and is well documented. Do you have any amalgam fillings in your teeth?? Please look into this. At least get the Mercury test (which doesn't always show how bad it really is as mercury hides in the organs). Also, I was taking clonazepam for anxiety for a long time and it can be very detrimental to your health. Xanax is worse. The withdrawal symptoms often bring on attacks and mimic them. I'd advise you to wean off the xanax and maybe increase the celexa a little, or try Lexapro which is an improved version of celexa. the anti-depressants are better for the long term and not as addictive. I'm not a doctor, but have done alot of research in this area. Please, I encourage you to consider seeing a good naturopathic Dr. The medical Docs only treat the symptoms and often that is not at all sufficient for this disorder, you must find the root cause and trea that. Also continue therapy witha psychologist who doesn't just throw drugs at you, as I know how personally how crippling this disorder can be.

I wish you well,


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