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[quote]Originally posted by teresamarie36:
[b]I'm sorry if I posted things were I'm not suppose to, I'm learning as I go.
I have had achey joints for years and it just keeps getting worse the older I get. I'm 36 and I have 2 kids. Last night I had my joint pain to flare up again.. I had been doing pretty good for about a month. I didn't have to take my meds, just something for the pain every once in a while. I just feel so tired all the time.. being out in the sun really makes me feel sick, I've even noticed that my nose and cheeks stay red..some people think I've been drinking alcohol but I haven't..I even brake out into hives when I take a warm shower and it's really bad I itch and itch and have to take a Benadryl. I've had one ANA test to come back positive and I'm waiting on the results of my last bloodwork. So, what is your opinion? I would like to know if this could possibly be lupus or am I over reacting.
Thanks so much :)[/b][/quote]
The things you describe do indeed sound like lupus symptoms. The thing about lupus is, it's not necessarily one disease, but a collection of a whole bunch of different symptoms. In the early 80s, a scale was developed to define the characteristics of lupus....11 characteristics are given, and if you have 4 of those 11, you are considered to have lupus. I can't remember all 11, but here are some of them:

Inflammatory arthritis in more than one joint

sensitivity to sunlight (break out in a rash)

unrelenting rash on nose and cheeks (malar rash)

discoid rash (a more severe rash on cheeks or other parts of body)

inflammation of the membranes in your abdominal cavity (patient will complain of abdominal pain)

positive blood test for lupus antibodies

neurological symptoms like seizures or confusion

ulcers inside the mouth

Okay...I can't remember any more, but if you want to know more, let me know and I'll go find them.

Do you have any more of those above that I mentioned?

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