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I just saw my rheumy last week. My GP sent me to him because my ANA was 1:1280. In the past, it has been 1:80 and 1:320, but I have never had any other bloodwork come back abnormal. My rheumy, who is highly regarded in my area, says that the ANA test by itself really means nothing. He says that once someone is diagnosed with Lupus, he never checks the ANA level again, because it is not helpful as an indicator of anything, and that it really doesn't matter if it is 1:80 or 1:1280. Because I do have some other symptoms (occasional joint pain, frequent tingling in extremities, occasional numbness), he is sending me again for the anti-DNA and other tests for Lupus, but he really doesn't think they will come back abnormal.

What I'm trying to say here is that he feels the ANA test by itself isn't anything to get excited about, although he did say that he rarely sees a patient with Lupus who doesn't have a positive ANA.

Good luck to all,
Hi neelie!

I don't believe that what your GP said is true. The only times an ANA will be "
false positive" is in someone that has NO symptoms at all. It can be false positive in some people with no symptoms. With yours however, you have a VERY elevated ANA!! That can't be false positive with the symptoms you have. I think that you need to see a Rheumatologist to rule it out completely or to get diagnosed correctly. It could be that you are starting to show symptoms and blood work of an autoimmune disease. Things can get worse, but I am concerned with an ANA of 1:1280!! Did he test you for the Anti-dna, Anti-Ro, Anti-ssa etc. With the numbness and tinging, that can be either CNS Lupus or it even could be something called Antiphospholipid Syndrome, also known as sticky blood. You should see if you can get your anticardiolipin and Lupus anticoagulant tested too. I really don't believe that your blood work is false positive and I cringe when GP's write it off as false when you have symptoms. Have you checked the symptoms for Lupus? Please check them and see if you fit in. The criteria doesn't just go with symptoms NOW, it goes with symptoms and problems you have had over the years (Ex/ recurrent pnemonia, kidney infections etc). Take care, and if you have anymore questions please ask :)

ceedricc- It does sound like you have symptoms of Lupus. You need to be tested to see if that is what is really going on with you. Lots of people with Lupus (me included) have had positive mono tests in the past, lots of researchers are looking in to the fact that it could be a precursor for Lupus! Please see if your doctor can check your ANA level, your urine for certain abnormailities, your anti-dna in your blood and all other Lupus related tests. Sometimes we have "odd" things positive in blood work too. If he/she checks your C3 and C4 sometimes that can be decreased if you have Lupus. I am sure that he/she knows that :) Take care kiddo!!


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