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Re: Lump under arm
May 28, 2009
hello Kathy
first take a breath ... then a **HUG** it will have to be gentle as i am currently having a muscle spasms on my left and of course the good ol athiritis is doing tricks in the other joints!
not sure if this will help but i came across a symptoms checklist - can email to you if you like - but point is that 'swollen lymph nodes' are a symptom on that list ... does lupus likes lymph nodes ??? did you say you or you sister has lupus?
if no cancer has been detected then PHEW but keep an eye on it - yes waiting is a muggs game but then before doing any radical, invasive etc treatments be absolutely sure ...
sorry to hear that you have a lot of 'experience' in the AI dept. (auto immune)
don't push yourself too hard! rest when you need to + never feel guilty about it!
always a ear/eye to listen/read when you need!
Hang in there!
Re: Lump under arm
May 28, 2009
4boys, sounds like someone needs to step up & be "lead dr." on this? When did your GYN fax the mammo & sonogram reports to rheumie? Were the reports also sent to your GP? Are your GP & rheumie in the same hospital system? Have they ever conferred before?

Like AngelMJ says, I've also read that swollen lymph nodes occur in lupus. Like you, I'd certainly want to rule out more serious possibilities, though!

I think I'd ask BOTH rheumie & GP point-blank who's the "lead dr.", to compel them to decide between themselves. (By notifying both, you're creating a paper trail & professional obligations.) Ask them what needs to be done to rule out Hodgkins & other serious lymph problems. This, one hopes, will compel "lead dr." to refer you to another specialist or himself to suggest further tests. You could write a single memo, addressed to both, containing contact info for both, so they can reach one another---and say you'd very much like a single set of marching orders from one of them.

That's probably what I'd do... something like that, anyway. Two months of uncertainty seems a lot, really, for something like this. Please let us know how you're doing, when you can. Sending my very best wishes, sincerely, Vee

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