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Re: Lupus rash
Jun 8, 2009
Hi. I think in the lupus reading I've done, I've seen only two rashes described as itchy: lupus urticaria & solar urticaria.

From the name, one would guess that "solar urticaria" is triggered by sun.

Dr. Wallace writes in his lupus hardcover that 10% of people with SLE develop hives at some point. Most of the time, the cause is something else, he says, and points out that lupus patients have more allergies than the general population. (I assume he means foods, drugs, plants, etc.?) Then he mentions something called "lupus urticaria" as a 2nd but RARE possibility. Treatments include antihistamines, antiserotonin drugs, and steroids.

I've seen run-of-the-mill hives caused by strawberries: they were weltlike, not what I'd call a "rash". I have no idea what these other "urticarias" look like---obviously only a doctor could say! FYI, I think I've read that steroid creams can thin the skin, dry it out & cause MORE itching. So if topicals aren't working, I hope your drs. can do something else ASAP. Good luck! from Vee
P.S. There'd be MANY itchy rashes unrelated to lupus, eczema, for example. I used to get a form of it on my hands, contact dermatitis, from cleaning products.

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