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hi again! so sorry you are on this round-a-bout!
round and round we go with on-again-off-again dx! guess that is what drives us more nuts:dizzy:
have you looked at the stickies at the top of the board?
do you feel you meet at least 4 of 11 criteria?
have you read Dr Daniel Wallace's 'The Lupus Book' there is a specific section on negative ANA and dsDNA ... i think 3 or 5% of all lupians continually test negative!
bloodwork of only part of the dx criteria (why i asked if you feel that you meet 4 of 11 criteria) but bkoodwork is by no means definitive on its own ... i mean positive ANA but no symptoms is also is SLE negative ... symptoms is the majority of dx factors ...
so if yes to the 4 of 11 criteria then maybe think about seeing the rheumy again or seeing a new one ...
my GP (PCP?) was helpful with my dx as my history is what helped me ... okay also i did have +ANA & +dsDNA but the arthiritis, vasculitis etc all set off a light bulb when finally SLE was dx.

your symptoms do sound familiar.
for me there is definitely a connection with my cycle - seen many veterans write of the same thing.

sometimes we have to keep pushing!
Good luck & keep us posted!

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