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Hi VeeJ,
TY for your reply....I am not sure why they said I tested positive for Sjogrens without them doing the tests that you mentioned but they did confirm it with blood tests....I am still very confused by this whole lupus DX & the newest DX of ANA test came out very high they said it was >1280 (Abnormal)....WBC is 3.4giga/L(Abnormal)....nuclear AB is abnormal speckled pattern 1:2560....many of the other blood tests came back abnormal too....They dont seem to have any real answers except a list of "Here....try this drug....if it doesnt work then we'll try another drug" I feel like a guinea pig....with no end in sight which is why I am leary of this Plaqenil....but as I said I will give it a have taken it for soooo long is there any chance you could go off it?? I am scared to be on it for a long time because of the possible eye damage.

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