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Thank you VeeJ for your response. Please don't ever call you self "just a DUMB PATIENT". I am a nurse and was taught VERY little about lupus. I am on lyrica for the fibro and daily adult strength ASA for the APS as well as lovenex injections when having any type of medical procedures or surgery. When I "flare up" I have been given courses of steroids to reduce inflammation. My sed rate is always elevated. I am given miracle mouthwash for the oral sores which does nothing but numb my mouth. That is pretty much the only tx per se that I have received. Yes I have been advised to avoid the sun resulting in a vit d deficiency and the need for supplements. I do get ill when it is necessary for me to be in the sun. I am on other meds but mostly for pain and a sleep disorder. Again thank you for your response. Do you have any info or advice on avoiding or treating the oral and nasal sores I have most all the time? Thanks angel

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