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Duana, you don't have to have a rash to have lupus. Dr. Wallace writes in his hadcover that 60 to 70% of lupus patients have some skin problems at some time. But "skin problems" includes things in addtition to rashes, like oral & nasal sores, hair loss, Raynaud's, cutaneous vasculitis, purple bruise-like marks, tiny red dots, etc.

My urinary problems were extreme frequency, urgency, and pain, with UTI's ruled out. My urologist discussed IC as a *possibility*, but he decided NOT to do the knock-out test. He tried me on at least two meds to stop the symptoms, but all they did was double me up with cramps, so I had to stop them. At the time, he knew that my GP suspected lupus, but neither informed me! Then everything else really erupted, I was sent for kidney tests, I learned lupus was a possibility, I saw more dermies & rheumies---and I never looped back to the urologist.

Just like you said, certain foods still bother me, but Rolaids can help. I still have bouts of discomfort but nothing like before. I haven't taken any med specificallly for urinary problems since I started Plaquenil.

The rheumie who Dx'ed me said urinary & GI problems are common in lupus. Ulcerative colitis, Crohns, and IC can co-exist with lupus---and so, apparently, can OTHER urinary & GI misery that doesn't fit the criteria for these.

When I was at my lowest, my memory was awful. Often I was unable to sleep properly, which made it even worse.

Keep in touch, OK? Warm wishes, Vee

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