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So I have been having some new symptoms that are not only concerning but confusing. I'm not sure if they are related to flare or something else going on. So here is a brief synopsis of my history:

[U]Initially 1996-2006:[/U]

Sulfa Allergy, hypothyroid, positive ANA 1:620, severe fatique, joint pain and swelling - mostly of hands, migraines, swelling of ankles hands and around eyes, blushed appeareance to cheeks, raynaud's, rash after sun exposure, positive EBV (had mono as a child), blistery rash on both hands x 2 months (2006), slight mitral valve prolapse

[B]Dx'd with SLE in 2005[/B]

[U]New Symptoms started beg Aug 09:[/U]

Low B-12 level, muscle pain, severe hip pain- causing limping, increasing achy and throbbing joint pain, hot skin-generalized (to touch), reddenned skin- generalized, skin sore to touch after sleeping (feels bruised)-generalized, stiff all over upon waking, burning sensations to ear, face, and top of head (migratory), daily worsening headaches, multiple frequent spontaneous bruises, Dizziness and off-balance episodes.

Current Meds: Synthroid 0.125mcg Qday
Plaquenil 200mg BID
Lasix 20mg Qday
Dolobid 500mg BID
Prednisone 10mg Qday
Topomax 100mg Qday
B-12 1 po Qday
Vynase 70mg Qday
Tylenol prn
Axert prn

I saw my doctor last mon, she ran multiple tests, initially started me on 20mg of prednisone, and I just decreased to 10mg. I have not noticed any change in the way I feel since I started the prednisone. She also mentioned that I might be showing symptoms of Vasculitis, but I was feeling so bad that I didn't clarify what she meant. Now that I have been researching more, I can't seem to find where vasculitis really fits, unless I'm missing something. Does anyone seem to have these symptoms during a typical lupus flare? I have been pretty well controlled, only with the ocassional flare up of joint pain and swelling from time to time. But I feel awful!

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