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Could I have Lupus?
Sep 11, 2009
I am 41 years old. My symptoms began after giving birth to my daughter 11 years ago, and they have gradually gotten worse to the point now where I am starting to become concerned.

Here are some of my symptoms:

I will get red dots on my feet, ankles and calves if I am standing too long, or sitting on a hard bar stool. It's worse if I've been drinking alcohol. Both legs will swell up, get itchy, and the rash appears. It can be painful. It will last for about a week before it fades. I was told by a vascular doctor that I do NOT have varicous veins.

I am tired ALL THE TIME.

I have a red rash that looks like a sunburn on my chest that doesn't go away. If I get hot, it gets brighter.

My joints ache. Especially my neck, shoulders, lower back and fingers.

I get painful gout in my feet if I eat certain foods.

Most days, I have a mild headache (could be due to the neck pain).

I have trouble remembering things and concentrating.

I have a dark circular spot on my cheek (which is probably due to sun damage)

My eyes are always dry, and I have lots of "floaters"

My skin is extremely dry and itchy--especially in the winter months.

About two yeas ago, I went to my family doctor. He did an ANA (sp?) test and it was high. I went to a Rheumatologist, and he did further testing. He mentioned sjogrens (sp?) I was to go in for a mouth biopsy but never did. I got scared and cancelled the appointment. Plus, it was getting expensive trying to pinpoint what was going on.

Now I am thinking about going back to the doc.

Any advice would be helpful. Thx!

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