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I was recently diagnosid with Von Willebrands Disease (about 2 years ago) I am going back to see my Hemo on Tuesday b/c I am bruising again. BUT does anyone think that there is any connection between VWD and Lupus?? I have always thought I had arthritis. My joints ache. especially hips and knees. but it will also radiate throughout the whole leg. to where sometimes I just have to lay in bed. About 2 years ago my doc sent me for a chest xray for possible pleurisy. I had such a pain in my back and right chest I thought I broke a rib. That last for a couple of months. but the xray came back fine. I also have had a butterfly rash BUT it looks like sunburn or that I am flushed etc. and doesnt last that long? But yet every year when I go for my physicals everything comes back fine??????

DO you think I should mention anything to the Hemo, is there anything else she can test for?

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