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Ginner, I take Mucinex, but of course one should always check with the Doctor or Pharmacist when self-medicating because of interactions. It seems to do the trick, but as I have chronic bronchitis, I usually get an antibiotic. If you have fever or productive cough, that is a red flag. I know that I have gone to a Doc in the Box when I could not get what I thought I needed. I do hope you feel better soon.
Hi ginnerbug,I get this every year, last year it almost took me,it start of with it and then turns into the flu. I get bad sick for 2 weeks and the 3 week I can finally grt out of bed. I have chronic bronchitis.When you get it 2 times in one year and 2 years in a row then it is considered chronic. Every year it seems to get worse for me. O I forgot to say you will have a cough also that will last for months , like 3 at least. The one thing that help me was a doc realized I had allergies, so they put me on fexofenadine. So now I get it once a year,and I'm do. I have alot of other illnesses to that don't help. I don't work, stay home all day ,don't go out unless I just have to. I am so scared to get the flu this year.I will not hesitate to go to hospital after last year.They told me to take musinex dm and gave me benzonatate 100mg. And alot of others that I cant remember.I'm doing every thing I can to stay out of the general public,I realize thou that some dont have that lugjury.Just go to the docs, hope this help. home sweet home
I am being treated for bronchitis for the 3rd time in 5 years the other two years I caught the flu, but my doctor always gives me an atibiotic and he gave me a steriod shot also today, and told me to take cough medicine, I'm allergic to codeine, so I just take a good over the counter cough medicine

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