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Well they did initially send me to a pulmanologist. He didn't see any issues with my lungs. As far as the Rheumatologist she said my ANA levels were borderline and speckled. She said everything else was okay. She was basically thinking Lupus due to my symptoms and borderline ANA. Joint pain, pleurisy/pericarditis, severe fatigue. She just said it was a possibility, so she started me on the plaquenil. Which i will still stay on until at least April, to see what happens.

On my echo in July showed pericardial effusion, slight pericardial thickening. Again still waiting on the most recent one.

Only symptoms i have now is fatigue and chest/heart issues.

I'll keep everyone posted and thanks for the posts!!
riedeselchar, in addition to that borderline ANA result, did you see tests for *more specific* autoantibodies? I don't think rheumies rely on ANA alone to suggest lupus---because ANA may be positive in other conditions within rheumatology, AND outside of rheumatology, too!

My drs. ran tests for autoantibodies seen in lupus, such as anti-ds-DNA, anti-ss-DNA, anti-Sm, anti-Ro, anti-La, anti-RNP, antihistone, antiphospholipid, rheumatoid factor, ETC. (There's a whole BUNCH of them!) My drs. didn't offer any treatment until they proved it was lupus, meaning I met enough of the formal SLE criteria. Anyway, I sure hope you're getting closer to answers! Take good care, Vee

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