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I need help......
Feb 19, 2010
I have posted here before. I have had many problems for the last few years. I have seen many Dr's and had many test. I always feel bad and go through periods of feeling terrible. Here are my symptoms:

Severe panic attacks
irregular and skipping heart beats
high BP
low potassium- recently-sent me to hospital 3x-going to neprologist today
dry skin
hands and feet freezing
brain fog
lack of motivation
body aches
shooting pains
eyes sensitive to light
freq urination
shaky inside
red lace pattern under skin on legs
flushing of face on nose and cheeks. It gets super hot ,not raised but goes away. Roseacea I was told....

Have seen neuro, rheumie, endo, you name it. I always have something out of wack but nothing that points to one thing or another.Here are things that have been out of whack in labs. All my bloodwork-CBC, Metabolic, Diffs come back great. My glucose was elevated in the Er though.

B12-276 806 now
Ferritin 15 43 now
TSH- 5.41- on synthroid 3 weeks and I am 1.02???
low potassium- 2.8- on supplement now
Rheumatoid factor- 44 this lead me to rheumie and everything came back perfect for lupus or anything else????

I am at a loss. For 3 weeks I have been very sick with low potassium. Body aches, exhaustion, irregular heart beat 120 resting, BP elevated. I do not know what to do. Could this be lupus? Why would it not show up?? I am so worried. I do go to a kidney Dr. today and see what he says. The endo yesterday asked if I was ever tested for Lupus and I said yes. I am really scared and do not know what to do. Can you please share your thoughts and stories. I just need some advice.

Thanks- kw

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