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Its so nice to have a little help...and to know that I'm not "crazy after all these years"...:)

I think the ear ringing has to do with acid reflux. I've only just now figured this out. I've had the ear ringing for a long long time. And, its gotten louder over time. I have racked my brain trying to figure out what it is....first I thought it was certain foods because I noticed an increase in volume with particular foods, namely ones I know for a fact I am allergic/intolerant to. So, I eliminated foods. But then I noticed that it increased any time I swallowed food or drink regardless of what I ate. In the meantime I had a weird throat issue that came and went. My throat seemed to feel like it was tightening and the glands on either side would get swollen so you could see them and I would go hoarse.

Just yesterday, on a semi-whim (i saw that GERD might be an issue for Lupus??), I went and got an acid reflux product. Almost instantly the ringing stopped and my throat swelling was relieved. So, guess I have to get it looked at.

**Question...has anyone noticed an increase in food intolerances with Lupus? Seems over time I have had to take a lot of foods off my "can eat" list...sometimes it seems as if I am left with water and water.**

** insomnia part of the symptoms? Or maybe a lack of an explanation for why I have insomnia and nothing seems to resolve it**

**Question...our family has a predisposition to react badly and opposite to many prescription drugs. Is this an issue faced by Lupus sufferers?**

**Question...has anyone notice in regards to oral health, receding gums, loss of color in teeth, and what I can only describe as emaciated gums?? My gums don't look full if that makes any sense. As much as I take care of my teeth and gums I have problems no seems to be able to figure out. I had a bone scan done a few years ago because of it, but I didn't show any osteoporosis.**

If I can start fitting the pieces together it will help. The questions I ask have been unresolved for a long time and I've been very frustrated with it all. No one else in my family has these issues.
have an appointment with a different arthritis specialist next week. the nurse was sooo very very very nice and answered all my questions. what a difference the front desk person can make,huh. they are going to re-run the bloodwork, twice if they have to if that will make me feel more comfortable.

the specialist is young and specializes in MCTD, Lupus, and Scleroderma, etc., because his grandmother had it. so, it looks like I picked the right one!

we'll go from there....i'll let you know.....

(things you're telling me are now making things fall into place.......gosh it took such a long time! issues, sleep issues, ear/throat issues....making some sense out of it now...)

Oh, I also ordered 4 books from the library...just waiting to get notification that they are in....


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