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I've had lots of different kinds of rashes. Let's see....
-In my teens & early twenties, I got hives every day for about 4 years. They were definitely hives, would come and go, itched like crazy and would respond to oral antihistamines.
-I occasionally get purpura (which isn't technically a rash, but bleeding under the skin).
-In my tweens and early teens, I had a rash on my hands for about 3-4 years. It was diagnosed as eczema, but none of the treatments helped. It was not itchy but painful and would bleed. That's the one that might possibly have been a discoid rash.
-I also had a watery blistery rash, like you described. It was in my early teens, in between my fingers. That was gross.
-I remember one time going to the doctor's in my early teens, and the doctor was just saying that I have extremely reactive skin. He took a ballpoint pen with the tip retracted and lightly ran it down my stomach. A raised, red welt immediately appeared. He said it was due to stress.
-In my early twenties, I had a rash on my nose for close to a year. This is the closest I can claim to a malar rash...but it wasn't on my cheeks at all...just my nose. It looked like a sunburn, and for months, everyone asked me how I got that sunburn. Not a sunburn. Just a red nose. I felt like Rudolph.
-I get rashes from various medications, such as penicillin.
-I react strongly to bug bites. Once, I got a mosquito bite on my eyelid and my eye swelled shut. Also, I seem to get a LOT more bug bites than anyone else.

Incidentally, I don't get sunburns easily, and I don't seem to get rashes from the sun.

I just read the sticky on APS. I do have a number of the symptoms, but I have von Willebrand's disease, which is actually the opposite-- a bleeding disorder where the blood does not clot as well. I don't think I could have both APS and VWD, but who knows, right? The APS symptoms actually reminded me a lot of my aunt's symptoms, but she has even more severe VWD. (It's genetic.) I don't think they could treat it if she has APS because even aspirin can cause severe bleeding with her.
Anon, all I can say is that I hope you keep trying, both within new specialties and also different specialists of types you've tried already.

The blistery rash I had at age 10 covered most of my body. It wasn't drug-induced (I wan't on anything). I've had tiny itchy bisters on my hands, but these things were huge in comparison.

I don't think my drs. considered Celiac disease, which might have been a logical possibility, given my severe GI problems... Have your drs. discussed Celiac? I believe it's autoimmune, too.

I stayed too long with drs. who didn't listen or even pay real attention. Anyone with a "mystery illness" needs a collaborator! The dr. has the medical knowledge, but YOU know YOU in ways he can't. Wishing you progress soon! Let us know what happens next, OK? All my best wishes, Vee

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