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I have swelling between the index knuckle and the middle knuckle as well as between the thumb and index knuckle. It becomes painful in the area and the knuckles for days before it swells and stays that way though slightly less until the swelling goes away. I've had a battery of blood tests for arthritis but all were negative. The swelling occured once before and then reduced. The knuckle discomfort in both hands has been occuring for several years now though the swelling is very recent and only in one hand - not my dominant hand. What could be causing this?
Hi and welcome. I have had "hand" symptoms for several years now, my non-dominant hand being worse. It feels as the joint where the fingers attach to the hands and the first finger joint are too tight, feels swollen but no visible swelling, just slight enlargement of joints and warmth in joints. I noticed my Rheumatologist seems to pay more attention to these joints and to tell you the truth, I have never asked him why. I have complained of the pain for several years, but all tests for arthritis are negative. I just contribute it to the Lupus or FMS. It truly makes doing any activity with the need for dexterity challenging. I used to use a brace at night on that hand, but saw that it made no difference in the pain or limitations, so I no longer do that. Sometimes I will use topical anesthetic if it is so painful that I can't stand it. Do you have twitches in that hand also? I do at times, which is strange. Sorry I can't provide some trick that will overcome or an answer, but did want to let you know that others have experienced this phenomenon.

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