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I had a positive abnormal ANA direct at lab corp with the RNP 7.3, test didn't show the pattern. Scleroderma antigens not tested. Rechecked it a month after treatment (Mobic, antimalarial) at a different lab corp, still had a positive abnormal ANA direct but the RNP was 3.4 (normal 0.0-0.9).

Picked up the results from my drs office today they did this in between this other testing. Their lab is also lab corp. It shows this (this is were I'm severely confused), Test: Antinuclear Antibodies, IFA:

Homogeneous Pattern 1:640 H
Nucleolar Pattern 1:640 H

Where RNP is associated with speckled pattern, does that mean if they had tested my RNP, it would be negative on this testing? Can you have the antigen without the specific pattern for it? I found this info: In some cases, more than one autoimmune disease (overlap syndromes) may be present, which causes more than one ANA pattern to be present in a sample. But I cannot understand why I don't have a positive speckled pattern.

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