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Hi everyone. I'm new here and looking for help. I'm 30yrs. old and had my dr. run a routine blood test. It came back positive for ANA Direct. It says 3 under positive but I don't see any titers. They also tested for the list of antibodies, RNP, Smith, etc. The normal range is 0-.9. My Antichromatin Antibodies came back at 0.5, which isn't considered high, but higher than the others at <0.2. My concern is that the Smith Anti came back high at 2.1. Is this extremely high? I've read that Lupus can pretty much be diagnosed with only the Smith test being high. I really don't have symptoms, except being tired and maybe a little joint pain. I have an appt. scheduled with a specialist, but not for over a month (going out of town). Should I stop taking oral contraception in case I have it (blood clots)? What's the probability that I have Lupus?

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