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I've just recently jumped into this Lupus stuff. I have a rhuemetologist...and she did a lot of blood work on me. She sent me back a list of tests and information and I was wondering if any of you had insight into what she sent me, based on your own experiences. I will discuss it with her, but my appointment is not until Sept. I was just hoping to get some information in the meantime.
Here's some of the main things she sent me.
ANTI-SM: 1.0 (A). She said this was 'borderline positive', but is usually negative when the ANA is Negative. Can this be positive with a negative ANA?
ANTI-RNP: <0.2
SS-A (RO) <0.2

Have any of you had these tests, or seen them before?

Thanks so much.
Hi Veej,

Thank you for responding so thoroughly. I sometimes feel like I deal with all these questions alone. People close to me have never heard of Lupus, and because I've just started discovering things on my own, I rarely talk about it to anyone. It's nice to come here and not only see people asking similar questions to mine, but to actually hear about other people's experiences.

This whole thing started about a year ago for me and it didn't have anything to do with auotimmune at the time. I had scalp pain, but no nothing. Just moderate to severe skin pain all the time. It is not a headache, just pain and it is still here with no changes. I've been to about 12 docors in the past year for it and, even with 2 MRIs, have no answer. Finally, the doctor did a lupus test, and I'm just now getting this information. Still don't know if the scalp is related to lupus. It just feels sore and looks slightly pink. No hair loss...yet..hopefully I won't have any.

Anyway, in regards to your questions. I did have both urine and blood work done. Her notes stated that the urine and blood levels do not indicate lupus. She also noted the ANIT-SM being borderline positive, but its usually negative with a negative ANA, so we will be retesting that in Sept. There were a few things on the paperwork that indicated low (L) and high (H) levels for other tests. I don't have them with me right now, but I can post them tonight. The anti RNP and anti-RO were normal, and so was the ds DNA, if that's the same as 'ANTI-DNA AB DOUBLE STRAND', test.

Sorry to throw so much information into a post. It's just nice to have an outlet. I'm off to search for sticky notes now!

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