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[QUOTE=Mel52;4325483]I was diagnosed years ago with mixed connective tissue disease, though now my new Kaiser rheumotologist says I have no autoimmune disease and all my symptoms are just my fibromyalgia getting worse. I have sicca syndrome and have had the lupus rash but whatever....
You may want to ask about having a sleep study. It will indicate if you have a sleep disorder such as not getting into stage 3 or 4 sleep which is necessry to restore tissue and muscle. I was shocked to learn I woke up 60 times in 5 hours. For that reason I started with a very low dose (10 mg) of an antidepressent at bedtime. I didn't do well with some of the drugs so I ended up on Pamilar which does help with sleep. Not being tired helps get through the next day.[/QUOTE]

Wow they can't diagnose MCTD and then say you don't have an autoimmune disease. How in the ?????? I would knock the crap out of them for that. Well, what happened there? Was you taking an antimalarial? That reduces your RNP, reduced mine by half, I believe if it had worked long enough (if I hadn't went back to smoking), that it might even have disapeared, but that doesn't mean you don't have the AI disease, just means you went into remission. Some people still feel bad even when in remission. Your doctor pisses me off. LOL. You even have the lupus rash, oh wow. If I was you, I'd stay on my meds for the AI disease, and dismiss what the rhemy said.

Yes I have had sleep studies done, I have upper airway resistance syndrome, my oxygen drops to about 86 and my breathing slows in my sleep and then I fight to breath over 100 times a night. I also have alpha wave intrusion, hypersomnia, and I take ambien to help me sleep. I was on a cpap for awhile but it just didn't work for me. My sleep stinks right now. My puppy (yorkie) it's such a darling but it crys to get in my bed, then crys to get out, and I haven't been sleeping very well because of him. It's making me kind of cranky. I don't go into my sleep stages like I should either, the breathing problem becomes more extreme in my REM sleep, and I don't get that like I should. But what are you to do? Even if I do manage to sleep all night, I don't wake up feeling well. It's becoming an issue lately, my room is a bit too noisy. I need it quiet when I sleep, and when you have to hear everyone else in the other room and the tv blaring, it gets annoying. I'm thinking about maybe trying those $60 ear muffs for military and see if that helps make it more quiet for me to sleep. I need my peace and quiet to rest.

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