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Thanks sooo much! I am pretty scared. The lesion on my leg looks EXACTLY like a discoid lesion. I know that a discoid lesion alone may just mean that the Lupus is contained to the skin. However, I hear that Reynauds along with these lesions is a sign of systemic Lupus rather than cutaneous. I had a CBC done about 3 months ago, which was prior to this last episode. I never really considered Lupus until just recently. It explains A LOT. I used to get very sick when I was young. It was like I had mono, but it kept coming back. I have lymph nodes in my neck that get the size of a large $0.50 gumball! Yet, my CBC came back normal. But like I said, that was prior to this weird skin outbreak. I mean, I went to the ER because I literally turned blue. It still happens. Now I have this lesions on my leg, and one more starting onmy chest and another on my forehead. I am losing so much hair I am surprised I am not bald!!! It comes out in clumps. Clogs the drain on a regular basis. Doctors dismiss me, but I doubt they will dismiss me when they see the skin lesions! I didn't know I had to see a Rheumatologist. I will be making that appointment ASAP. It just seems like I have many systemic lupus symptoms. You should have seen my hands, it was ridiculous. I have never seen anything like it. Thanks for telling me it isn't a death sentence because I have been panicked all day. :(
I will read the sticky notes. I should have done that first as a matter of fact. Thanks soooo much!

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