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[QUOTE=Stacey8505;4615824]Would anyone with knowledge about these types of lab tests be willing to help me understand my results? My next doctor appointment is not for another 3 weeks.

Positive ANA
1:640 homogenous
1:640 speckled

Follow-up testing showed smith test was negative (2) as was everything else except for the RNP, which showed at 5 (equivocal range 5-9).

I understand the ANA results but am wondering if the RNP at 5 is borderline for mixed connective tissue disorder?

Primary care physician started me on Plaquenil after I screened positive on the ANA test. Symptoms are extreme fatigue, rash for 2+ years, malar rash 3 times in the past month, some minor joint pain.

Am I looking at the onset of MCTD?[/QUOTE]

I am confused by the smith test, now the ANA checks for smith antibodies, but I don't know what the smith test is. I even looked it up and cannot find it. My RNP antibodies on an ANA test or even just a RNP blood test does not show as negative, equivocal, positive, the only antigen that shows that is Anti-DNA. The RNP shows a reference range of 0.0 - 0.9. You probably had the ana panel done which included checking your smith antibodes, to my guess. Well I would have those test results rechecked to be sure. Your ANA is high enough to indicate autoimmune disease & your symptoms correlate with that. The RNP if low positive is more indicative of Lupus. If high positive, is more indicative of MCTD. But even if none are positive, your ANA titer 1:640 is still high enough to indicate a disease being present, but the antigens help figure out which disease it is.
Your ANA titer is positive high and your panel for the autoantibodies are all negative. This is how mine first started too, it took 13 years before I saw a positive high RNP. You are midpointing the RNP in a negative range, simply, it's just negative, means nothing but that, and MCTD is diagnosed based on a high result of RNP. You may be too early in a disease for it to show on your ANA which one it is. It could turn out to be any of the autoimmune diseases, your panel isn't showing at this point which one it is. Sometimes it just takes time to show in your blood work, my rhematologist told me that. But with a titer of 1:640, no doubt something is there. Did you have your Rhematoid factor checked?

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