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[QUOTE=neveragain444;4638518]If you have fibromyalgia, you obviously have joint and/or muscle pain. Do you have fatigue? If you do, how bad does it get? Do you ever get joint swelling, rashes, mouth sores, UTI's, blood and/or protein in urine? Do any of your organs have damage or chronic inflammation? Are you at an age you hair could just be falling out? Has your doctor evaluated the medications that you are taking to make sure it is not a side effect to any of them? Are you hyper or hypothyroid (just wondering from the brittle nails). Or do you have psoriasis or a vitamin deficiency? So many symptoms could be involved with Lupus. Do you have anxiety, depression, shortness of breath, chest pains, Raynald's? My first rhematologist would have said no right away, you don't have lupus, he said you cannot unless your ana titer is high, 1:640, but he diagnosed me with a mild case at 1:320. I turned out to have MCTD. My life has been generally all over muscle pain, much later joint pain, severe daily fatigue, inability to work or keep up with things as simple as housework or taking care of my kids, severe depression, anxiety, recurring mouth sores (in and outside of mouth), affected organs: esophagus, stomach, bladder. Vitamin deficiencies. I also have nerve related problems, tingling, burning, muscle spasms, pins/needles, shooting pains, having trouble breathing now, and I've had the Fibromyalgia diagnosis for 10 years. It's a tough diagnosis. If there is something more wrong with you and they dismiss it as fibromyalgia, it sure isn't going to help you feel any better. Do you feel like you have the typical autoimmune flares? You can be sick every day but then go through a phase where you just collapse and your so sick you can't drag yourself out of bed? Your ANA is positive, but I agree, a bit low, I'd have it rechecked at a later time to see if the titers raise. Also, ask your doctor if you was negative for any antigens (like anti-ds-dna) or if they just weren't tested. Sometimes doctors just do a basic ana test and leave that out and that is very important to look into as well.[/QUOTE]
I had the blood work done right after taking Cymbalta, Synthroid and had on a Lidoderm patch for pain, so my pain was mild then, if that makes any difference. I have terrible fatigue, drag myself out of bed and when I get home from work, just sit. I can't do anything anymore and my house is a mess. I have terrible migraines, terrible IBS, so that I don't like to eat out. My back hurts all the time, but does go through fazes like a tooth ache. Always there but somedays unbearable!!!!! My legs have ached since I was a child and they called it growing pains. Well they still ache and I'm not growing. I take Klonopin for restless legs, and I must say that it helps me sleep for a few hours at least. I wasn't sleeping much for years. My knees and thighs ache a lot, but my back is the worst pain that I have ever had....My fingers hurt and I can't grip things any more. I bruise easily and the bruises stay for a long time. If I scratch myself, it scars. I have terrible brain freezes, can't remember things and misplace things.When I get hot or come out of the shower my nose and cheeks are blood red, but that could be roseaca, though my dermatologist says that I don't have it. I don't see my doctor until the 14th, so I'm not sure what she'll say or do. I hope she orders more tests. I've had to ask her for tests for my thyroid and for the ANA. Anyway, thank you for your response. It truly means a lot to have people listen.

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