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Thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate the info you shared with me.

I'm glad you mentioned the urinalysis because this is one thing that has been in the back of my mind, wondering why the dr. hasn't tested my urine since this all began. I was assuming they must feel they can tell my kidney function from the blood work they have done, but yet I keep reading everywhere that the urinalysis is important. Do you know what it is they can tell from the urine that they can't tell from the blood in regards to kidney function?

I have also had so many other weird and new things going on with me over the past couple years, ie dizziness, horrible headaches, temporarily lost part of my vision and at the same time my thumb and index finger started going numb (dx at the er was a TIA) stomach polyps and B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia), vit D deficiency, benign tumor in the heel of my foot (which was removed), a small dot on my tongue that bleeds once in awhile) but now I'm worried that I'm becoming overly sensitive to every little thing my body does. Sadly, my Aunt died from kidney failure and complications due to Lupus 19 years ago, so I think about it way too much I'm sure.

I have read the sticky posts and reviewed the ACR criteria for diagnosing lupus. I think skin involvement seems to be a key in the diagnosis and the only rash I have is on the back of my neck and it itches. The dr. thinks it's probably eczema and not due to lupus. I also have the little dot on my tongue that has been there a couple years and starts bleeding on a rare occasion, but I thought it was probably due to the B12 deficiency and not considered an oral ulcer. I also have been borderline anemic with low red blood cells but hemoglobin on the bottom rung of normal (12) , but they thought this also due to the B12 deficiency. I have also had arthritis in my shoulders that I received cortisone injections for.

But now of course, the main thing giving me trouble is the pain in my arms and hands, which is unfortunate because I'm on the computer all day for a living. It's getting harder to get things done because of the pain.

Thanks Again for your reply, I really appreciate it and any further insight you might have after reading this post.

Take care,

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