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Crbcraver, my mom had Raynaud's and possibly APS, my sister is hypothyroid, and I have lupus, so my thoughts go all over when I read your posts. If I were you, I'd start a question list, then enhance it after your latest labs come back. I'd also visit a library & read more on thyroid conditions and lupus. (See the "sticky posts". BTW, several of the lupus books provide info on OTHER conditions that can co-exist with lupus, or that can be confused symptom-wise with lupus. For example, at least one of them discusses thyroid conditions---which would be useful stuff!)

Here are some more thoughts & possible questions.

RASHES. I bet there are many rashes that are photosensitive, and/or itchy, BUT that have nothing to do with lupus or any other autoimmunity. However, if you do want your rashes re-evaluated, ask your rheumatologist to recommend some dermatologists (rheumies tend to know of good dermies).

And if contact dermatitis remains in the running, ask new dermie for Do's & Don'ts. (For example, I was told to use only Dove, that Ivory was the worst, as it's too pure = too harsh. No scented laundry detergent or fabric softeners. Wear rubber gloves when doing housework. Cotton socks, meaning no bare feet in leather shoes, as tannin can aggravate skin. Etc.)

ANA & OTHER TESTS. I think ANA is far trickier than we imagine. I think low-positives can occur only due to a passing virus, or to a family tendency; and that the test is difficult to perform, so results are error-prone.

In HASHIMOTO'S, can the antibodies that can create a positive ANA disappear on their own? (My sis was told that, and she's has never known whether she has Hashimoto's or garden-variety hypothyroidism.) Even so, are Hashimoto's and garden-variety hypothyroidism treated the same way?

Also, I assume you're on THYROID MEDICATION? Can it alter the ANA result? And could your symptoms be due, at least partly, to not yet having found an optimal level of thyroid medication?

For RAYNAUD'S: Is it a diagnosis based on symptoms, meaning not tests? Is it only rarely dangerous? (For example, only if skin is seriously affected?) Is treatment simply avoiding extreme cold, etc. that brings on symptoms?

Does having Raynaud's increase likelihood of having another condition that you may, or may not, have been tested for? Is one example, per the "sticky posts", APS = antiphospholipid syndrome?

MOUTH ULCER. Has your rheumatologist examined? Your dentist?

Most of all, hang tough! It's natural that we want answers faster than doctors can provide them, but it does take time for our doctors to properly work thru the possibilities. Keep us posted, OK? Hugs, Vee

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