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Hey Im new here, but I have been reading quite a lot on the Lupus threads & need some advice/input. Im 32 yrs old and have been dealing w/some seeminlgy unrelated issues. Sorry if this gets a little long :-/ 5 yrs ago while I was pregnant w/my son, I had developed this rash after I had been out in the sun (I had never been photosensitive prior to this). It was horrible!! Started out looking like your typical sunburn, but w/in just a day or two started to itch uncontrollably. I started to notice little red bumps that seemed to spread to all the areas that had been exposed to the sun. It lasted months and just kept getting worse, to the point where I was literally scratching my skin off! Well, as a result my dr sent me to a dermatologist. They suspected lupus and did a skin biopsy which turned out inconclusive and then ordered a blood test. Well, after weeks of getting the run around, one person told me it was negative while someone else told me I had tested positive! Since I have no family history of Lupus, I just didn't think anything of it & really had no confidence in that dermatologist practice (which has since closed).

Well, fast forward to the present....I have Hashimoto's and have recently been diagnosed w/Raynauds's. I am constantly exhausted, even after sleeping 10hrs @ night! My hair is thinning, I get extreme joint pain in my elbows and sometimes my knees, however rarely in both 2 sides at the same time. I experience muscle craps every night in my feet that can last up to an hour, even though my potassium and magnesium levels are normal. I have a recurring sore on the roof of my mouth that seems to come and go out of nowhere. And I have difficulty remember things. My ANA test came back negative. Because of all the things I am experiencing now and the fact that my previous Lupus test when I was pregnant may have been pos, my Dr. just sent me in for a full connective tissue blood panel to see if something might show up.

Could I have Lupus even though my ANA was negative, or does it sound like something else? I only have 2 of the 11 criteria, however have quite a few sypmtoms that can be associated w/it. The only reason I thought of Lupus was because of the dermatologist experience. Pls help!!!!

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