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I am currently a fibromyalgia sufferer. In the past, I've been tested for lupus because of odd occurances, including a once positive ANA, and a borderline anti-DNA test. Two years ago, my rheum. ordered a lot of blood tests, and they all came back neg. for lupus.

However, within the last month, I've had some weird stuff going on and once again I'm feeling like a hypochondriac! I've been even more tired than usual (this is with me taking Nuvigil every day to keep me awake), dizzy spells, pain in my left abdomen, lower back cramping (not consistent with my monthly cycle), increased headaches, decreased appetite, decreased urination, continuing Vit. D deficiency, swollen hands, and nausea. Four days ago, my hands, which are usually swollen, puffed up even more and my palms turned really red. They are still red and swollen, and now I have some rashes with itching on my arms. I did have hives on one calf last week, but hydrocortisol cream and Benedryl helped with that.

I'm going back to the rheum. in two days, but I'm worrying constantly. I have an aunt with lupus, and my mom has a different autoimmune disease.

Do these symptoms sound anything like what you experience? Could this be lupus?

Thanks for your time and thoughts!

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