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Thanks VeeJ.

I absolutely plan on pushing them tomorrow at the rheum. appt. for bloodwork. My hands are still swollen and bright red and now my ankles and feet are starting to swell. I haven't had any blood or foam in my urine, I've just had considerably less than normal. I hadn't really thought of a UTI because I'm not prone to those and don't have any pain when using the restroom.

And, the hives were weird. About 10 years ago, after never having had allergies to meds, I suddenly showed an allergy to penicillin. Then, 1 year ago, I was on oral antibiotics for my acne and I had a bad allergic reaction to that! So, when I got hives on my calf last week, I started on the Benadryl, and they went away. I haven't had any more hives anywhere. I've just had the light red rash on my forearms and the inside of my elbows that showed up when my hands turned red. I did start on a new med recently, but I've been on this in the past, and my rashes are not like my other med. allergic reactions. But, I will make sure to mention it tomorrow at my appt.

Thanks so much for the reply and the support. I will be sure to post back after the appt.

Did you ever have the bright red palms?

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