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MD suggesting Lupus
Feb 21, 2011
My Story: It started on New Year's 2009. Woke up with shoulder and left arm pain and thought I had slept on it wrong. Three days later, no better and a weird groove appeared lengthwise down my bicep area. And yes, weird has been the official diagnosis by 7 different doctors, including 2 Orthos. After multiple MRIs to rule out tears (Neck, Shoulder, Upper Arm and Upper Back), nothing torn. My MD did bloodwork and I came back with a weak positive ANA, anemia but nothing else. He diagnosed me with Thoratic Outlet Syndrome and sent me to therapy. After a month of therapy, the arm pain seemed better. Now, over the last year, I have developed a rash on my face. I have seen pictures of the "butterfly rash" and it's not that intense. Just small red patches across my cheeks and nose at times, and two or three spots that never go away (almost like a busted blood vessel). I am constantly fatigued, headaches, low grade fevers, fever blisters, leg cramps at night, left hip pain (in the groin area). My left shoulder blade and top of shoulder, constantly has muscle knots in it. I have now developed an inflamed left knee and it has bruised looking marks on top of it. During this time my MD put me on Lyrica and a nerve muscle relaxer and it has helped a bunch. My last regular MD appointment, I also told him my mentrual cycle has been way irregular. He did a thyroid panel and a scan. Found a small nodule, but nothing signifigant on the scan. Just monitorying the nodule. Still waiting on the blood work results. But he also now said he thinks it could be Lupus. He has referred me to a Rheumy, but still waiting to hear from them, as the MD said it would probably be a few weeks before I got an appointment.

Any thoughts?

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