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Re: Discoid
Mar 8, 2011
Hey VeeJ,
It makes sense to me. Have one of my migraines today grrrrrrr. I hate when I get these. As far as the criteria goes I have many of the "symptons" but blood work still comes back "normal" no ana issues etc. Biopsy on the rash which btw was not coin shaped came back as discoid. The Tumidis rash has the scarring or white looking area in it that is discoid also.
The Rash that was biopsied was on my forehead and eyebrow and was going onto my eyelid. It was pumpy and itchy and I could not touch it or I would have sever pain. It made my eye area swell up. I also have a rash that developed in the creases of the upper thighs near the underware line. now this is coined shaped and there are several spots on each thigh. Plus small coined shaped ones I have been getting on my arms and legs.
I also experience the under the skin lumps that itch like dermy calls this lupus penniculitis.
Now what I found funny thinking back over the years, as a teenager I would get what I "thought" was big pimples in my ears! strange place for a pimple right. Well my Doc commented that she seen a discoid lesion in my ear on my last visit!, well there goes the pimples! ahahahaha.
I have lost about 50% thinkness of my hair, which is a big blow cause I used to have really thick soft hair. Well atleast the thyroid is now under control, along with the fibro. I had her also remove a skin tag that I kept catching with my razor..she sent it for testing. waiting for results back on that.
I did have back surgery in Sept. and returned to work in Nov. From the pain pills my liver function was up and down, atleast now off all pain meds my liver is running ok. If I listed all the symptons I have for the sle it would take a page like most ppl I am sure. Anyways I will keep posting and looking in.


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