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Vuitton70, hi. Anti-Ro is a circulating autoantibody possible in lupus & found via blood tests. Odd thing: the diagnostic criteria list only several autoantibodies, e.g., anti-ds-DNA, anti-Sm, antiphospholipid, anticardiolipin. That's because these are *unique* to lupus & antiphopspholipid syndrome. In contrast, anti-Ro is seen in both lupus and Sjogren's syndrome.

My rash was targetlike circles. Well, actually, the lesions started as plump red papules which wexpanded into perfect circles, then surther expanded into larger irregular circles, then faded. Didn't hurt, itch, scar or depigment. Appeared on upper arms & back. I became very photosensitive: sun triggered both a new rash & one or more of my usual problems (pain, migraines, fatigue, hair loss, weight loss, GI & urinary problems, anemia, etc.) Final rash diagnosis: SCLE annular form (SCLE = subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus), diagnosed via deep-punch biopsy with immunofluorescent stain tests.

I've read that the various lupus rashes tend not to itch (some people here have reported itching, though!), with the exception of lupus urticaria. Have you seen a dermatologist? Or better yet, a dermatopathologist? (That's a dermie who is also a pathologist, thus does his own labwork.)

Is this the only rheumatologist you've tried? (I tried at least 7 dermies, also multiple gastroenterologists & urologists & GP's, plus one rheumatologist. Last stop: a teaching hospital rheumatologist, then a dermatopathologist, both of whom ran circles around all the other drs. I'd seen.)

Hope this helps a little. I hope you get yourself "un-stuck" soon. Keep us posted, OK? Sympathetically, Vee

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