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Kimberly, hi & welcome. I don't think that ANA alone would be considered terribly high (one noted author calls anything over 1:1280, or over 30 International Units, very meaningful), yet I'm not sure that ought to matter as much as your symptoms & your other labs so far.

In ANA titer tests, each successive dilution doubles the volume, and the last reading at which positive results were seen is the result. Progression is 1:40, 1:80, 1:160, 1:320, 1:640, 1:1280, etc. But because titer tests are hard to perform, results can vary lab-to-lab; and worse yet, ANA alone doesn't diagnose anything because it's positive in a variety of conditions. Speckled pattern is seen in lupus AND in other autoimmune conditions.

ESR of 42. Sed rate is one measure of inflammation. Can you tell whether that's elevated?

Going beyond ANA & ESR. Given dizziness, hair loss, anemia, fatigue, joint pains, etc., have you seen a rheumatologist? A good first appointment would include taking a LIFETIME medical history, and doing MORE SPECIFIC blood tests and urinalysis. You can read more about tests, symptoms, diagnostic criteria, etc. in the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) at the top of the thread list.

I had the symptoms you cited, also urinary & GI problems and weight loss. But my most "specific" findings were the anti-Ro autoantibody (seen in lupus & also in Sjogren's), plus years of a nonscarring rash on arms/torso that was proven lupus-specific by deep-punch skin biopsy with immunofluorescent stain tests. i.e., those specific things were what narrowed my Dx to lupus.

Hope this helps you move further along & also hope you post again soon! Meanwhile sending you my best wishes, sincerely, Vee

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