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Hi everybody. I'm new to this board, but I have been reading it for awhile. I'm sorry if this is long, but if you read it all then thank you. I have a lot of symptoms I have been experiencing over the past years (most of them over the past 2 years) including: fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, leg cramps, headaches, stomach pain, raynaurds, gall bladder removal, bruising, fruit allergies, numb tingly face from sweets, lots of left knee pain, shortness of breath that comes and goes, nauesa that comes and goes, forgetfulness (increased) some dizziness, right branch bundle block, heart mummor (probably born with it), lots of neck pain that's increasing and I'm sure I'm forgetting some other stuff.

I'm just trying to find out what's going on with my body and the battle has been tough. Sometimes I feel like I'm going in circle or like it's all in my head. The fatigued is my biggest symptom. I've had it for years, and it goes back to high school. I was even tested for anemia back then and from what I was told it came back fine .My first prengancy ended in a miscarriage and with my 2nd prengnacy they thought I might've developed gestational diabetes after the glucose test but they are not sure. I had a complicated labor and delivery and ended up needing an unplanned c-section and blood transfusion with 4 units of blood. I was in the hospital for a week and I had high fevers. My daughter, whom is fine and healthy, had to stay for a week as well to be monitored due to my fever. After delivery I began having pains in my right side near my ribs. My OBGYN said it was nothing to worry about. My fatigue began increasing and I ended up in the ER a few times for intense leg cramps. I was told it was due to low potassium (which I still have) and myalgia. Before I got pregnant with my 2nd child I had a postive pregnancy test but ended up starting my period. My next pregnancy was rather easy and I was blessed with a VBAC birth. That was 3 years ago and that's when my symptoms began to increase dramatically. I began experiencing a lot of stress and in turn began having joint pain, a facial rash (over time it became more noticable) when I would "sunburn" or be outside too long, or even felt stress it would be red over my cheeks and nose.

Being out in the sun made me sleepy and feel run down. I saw my doctor for the fatigued and he wanted to rule out anemia, diabetes, thyroid problems and heart condtions. My heart turned out fine, except for the right bundle branch block and the mummur but the caridio doctor told me it was nothing to worry about. The other tests came back normal except that it showed that I had been exposted/or had the esptien barr virus/mono. During this year my fingers and toes started turning a blue/purple color, while my hands and feet (skin) would change from a blueish color/red/white. I ended up going to the doctor to have another visit concerning my fatigue, the raynaurds and some stomach pain. I ended up getting my gallbladder removed due to low functioning level and it not working right. My DR. diagnoised me with raynaurds and mentioned that I could have CFS. (Was never diagnoised with CFS though). He also wnated to test me for Lupus since it runs in my family (2 cousins have it and my aunt is a carrier) along with other auto immune problems that run in my family.

The tests came back normal and I was referred to a rhuemy. Right off the bat the rhuemy told me she didn't think it was anything serious. She dismissed my facial rash even though it wasn't showing. She said she didn't think it was a lupus rash or anything. She said she would run some tests anyways and that some things wouldn't show postive in the early stages. She diagnoised me with Fibromyalgia, Raynaurds, Myotitis(spelling) and Myalgia the first appt.

They drew some blood but I had to come back to be re-drawn (I forget why) I was told the results wre fine, the ana didn't say what rang it or tieter it was it just said negative. So I began my treatment for fibro. She put me on muscle relaxers which didn't work. They were suppose to help me relax and sleep and ease the fibro pain. So she put me on amitriptyline and when I told her that wasn't working she told me to continue taking it. She also put me on meloxicam because my fingers starting swelling (mostly upon waking) but the meloxicam spend to work better on my neck pain, which is becoming pretty intense lately, and annoying. I was put into water therapy, which actually did nothing for me. The first day I did it I became sick the next day and develop a rash on my leg. It started out small and got bigger, forming a circle that was scaly and itched sometimes. Soemtimes it even looked blistery. The rheumy thought it was psoriasis but my PCP thought it was ring worm. When I told him I had it for 2 months (before I finally went in and got it checked out) and that nobody else has caught it, nor has it spread, he still said it was ring worm. The cream he prescribed me made it worse and it actually got bigger. I started putting hydrocortisone cream on it once a day and that actually helped more. Eventually, after a couple more months it faded. It's still there but now its more brownish and faint. I have yet to tell my PCP that he was wrong aobut the ring worm. After my 2nd therapy session I left feeling more sore then better, but I continued until my last day of therapy. I'm due for another rhuemy appt. I guess I'm just frustrated. Idk if she's really listening to my concerns. For the neck pain she tried 3 sets of injections at 3 different appts and it worked the first time but that was it. The pain of the injections acutally brought me to tears.

The joint pain has increased, and right now my arms hurt really bad and feel heavy. My fingers and wrist are aching and my legs keep hurting. The neck pain is just increasing and I feel like I have to massage and pop it all the time in order to get any relief. The facial rash is slowly returning. My stomach pain has gotten worse. I was suppose to get another test done on it but I switched insurance and those kinds of thest just cost too much $$$$. I actually ended up in the ER from the pain because the urgent care thought it was my appendix. The CT came back clean so the DR's sent me home. My blood labs, my potassium and magnisum were low and showed that my glucose my high and that I had ketones and leukocyes in my urine. They never mentioned my labs to me though. My toes started swelling here and there and my raynaurd's is acting up again. I have been getting the chills more often but no sign of a tempature. I'm feeling down about my health and I'm trying not to let it get to me since it could be a lot worse. My fatigue has increased even more. Somedays I have trouble staying awake at work and it's getting to that point where I need to lay down and nap after work. I'm tired of feeling tired. Could there be more than just fibro going on here? Below I added a couple pics of my facial rash and of my leg, before and after. The first picture is my face after my vacation in San Diego and being in the sun everyday. The 2nd is today after my drive home from work with my window rolled down. The 1st is my leg rash at its smallest and the 2nd is after it faded a few months later. The after part of my leg rash is hard to see because it's so faded now. It still looks semi-scalish but def. not as bad.

I reattached the pictures in a new post. I hope it attached right this time. I will have to wait till the rash re-services and go back to the DR, or can I go back anyways and show him that he was wrong about the ringworm? That's what my boyfriend wants me to do. My symptoms do come and go, except for being tired. I'm always tired. Not one moment goes by where I'm not tired, but I go through stages where I'm more tired then other days. My neck pain stays around but it just popped up out of nowhere one day and it too goes through times where it feels worse then other days. My joints go through moments where they feel okay and when they really hurt. My raynaurd's goes through flares and so does my stomach pains and all my other symptoms. I don't always feel them together but there I days I do.

When I go out in the sun and I'm out there long enough or it's just really hot outside my face will flush into that rash, and sometimes it will linger for a few days before going away again. Being out in the sun makes me really tired and can give me headaches. I also notice on my upper arms that they get red and bumpy easily, but I'm not sure what that's from.

I'll have to dig out of the tests (I'm still working on getting my copies since my last PCP charges for medical files) but between my new PCP and Rhuemy they ran a diabetes test, thyroid, anemia/iron, ana, (doesn't say more then one and it doesn't mention anti-gens) CSR, SED and the R factor I think. But I think those were the only tests ran besides the CBC. AS far as I know of they came back okay besides the ebstien Barr and the mono. I have been feeling worse since those were last run though. I'm hurting a lot more and my fatigue has increased. My rhuemy also said that things would show up negative if they are in the early stages, but she isn't sure that I have anything serious.

My last ER visit my glucose was high, my potassium and magnisuem were low, and I had ketones and white blood cells in my urine but they never said anything about my labs so I guess it wasn't that important.

So I'm just at a loss here. I'm just feeling worse lately and I'm starting to wonder if its me.

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