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Here's a brief of what is going on with me right now, could this be lupus?

I hope someone can shed some light onto my symptons and potential causes. 3 years ago I had glandular fever (Mono) was quite ill with it, and last year I had a GF flare up. Almost 4 months ago gland behind my right ear swelled considerably and was painful and sore, I went to the doctor who sent me off for blood tests. My IgA levels came back elevated (but he hasn't told me figures). I have had 2 more repeat tests since then and both have come back elevated. Protein electrophresis test has come back negative. Ultrasound showed a cyst on my thyroid (which I knew about), and lumps down the left side of my neck and on lymph notes but they are benign. I am due for a chest xray tomorrow looking at my mediastinal glands. Getting a repeat test next week also for GF and other infections (tests being done are IMST, LDH and serology but I don't know what these mean). Then repeat IgA test and serum ACE first week of august. Other symptons include extreme fatigue, tiredness, general feeling of malaise. I get night sweats down the central part of my body, ie from neck to belly button - not very severe, my clothes aren't soaking but its def noticeable. I get regular headaches. No weightloss, in fact I struggle to lose weight. Ive got a "heavy" leg feeling that is constant all day and all night now. Noticed last few days a mild tingling weakness/numbness in my fingers and my ankles and lower legs ache/pain quite a bit during the day and at night, my feet feel hot and like they are extremely swollen but when I look at them, they aren't swollen.

My doctor seems to just want to keep having one more IgA test before referring me to a specialist, I just want to feel normal and healthy again. I sleep anything between 8-12 hours a night, its good quality sleep but I still feel exhausted. No anaemia. He seems to think its due to a viral infection and at somepoint it will just disappear from the test results.

I had a spotty rash in my hair, upper torso and back, it seems to have cleared up, I put it down to the disgusting conditions at my old gym (showers smelt of sewerage), as its virtually cleared up since I left the gym.

Can't think of anything else to add or I've forgotten, any ideas what I might be dealing with here would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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