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Re: Itching
Jul 19, 2011
[QUOTE=ranansmoke;4802104]I went into the hospital in 2008 for detox to quit drinking. Within days of getting out of the hospital I had itching on the back of my neck and my arms. Then the joint pains started and all the symptoms stopped in about 2 years. I then started drinking again and then just last month went back in the hospital for detox to quit drinking and again the itching has started again and the joint pains. The itching is always on the back of my neck and on my arms. The joint pains hurts different joints at different times. The itching gets so bad that from the last time I went through it I have scars on my arms. I feel like I need an ice pick to dig into my skin to stop the itching. Does this sound like Lupus or does anyone else have any ideas. The drs in our area have basically said they have no idea what it is.[/QUOTE]
NOT LUPUS, sorry this is called DT's from the detox. Since it only happens when you are detoxing, it could also be a result of the medications they are giving you but no it is not Lupus. Lupus affects the joints, skin yes but not so wide spread it it doesn't itch too bad. I have the rash on my face not the typical "butterfly" rash but a rash none the less.

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