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What is happening?!
Jul 18, 2011
I'm 21 years old and for the past 9 months I've been having some new/odd symptoms. I have asthma, Celiac Disease, hypermobile joint syndrome and Raynaud's. I'm a normal weight for my height.

-Sore knees, they swell, they're red, stiff and hot. They grind and crack. My fingers do the same and at my worst I couldn't straighten my legs or make a fist. Recently (in the past 2 weeks) I've had a lot of pain in my shoulders.
-Dry/gritty eyes and dry mouth.
-Rashes on my arms, chest and face.
-Nose ulcers.
-Generally feeling unwell and flu like symptoms

My ANA was elevated (1:80 speckled) on 3 occasions and my ESR was slightly elevated at one point. CRP, anti-CCP, rheumatoid factor, Complete Blood Count were all normal.

My GP put me on a course of Prednisone, which helped so much. All my symptoms disappeared.

I'm seeing a rheumatologist and she was quite rude about me being on the Prednisone which had masked my symptoms.

She ran a whole heap of blood tests and everything is negative. My ANA, CRP, ESR, anti DNA... all the rheumatology tests are negative. She ran heaps of other tests for thyroid and lots of other things too, which are all negative.

I know my symptoms sound like they fit in with RA/Sjogren's/Lupus (this is what my GP said), but my blood tests don't show anything! I know Prednisone can have some effect on the blood tests.

Anyone have any tips? Thanks.

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