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SheWolf, what lupus med(s) do you take, and when did you start? I'm curious because I suffered 20+ years of IBS, took Librax for years, but still had IBS episodes so severe that I'd end up in hospital for tests & rehydration. Weird thing was that when I was finally diagnosed with lupus, a few months into Plaquenil, my IBS problems receded to almost nil.

But even so, I must limit/avoid certain foods. Fatty foods are huge no-no's for me (butter, milk, coffee creamer, ice cream, fried foods, salad dressing). Red meat (makes stomach hurt & bloat). Tomato products are iffy: I can consume when not flaring & if not too "seedy". Big amounts of seeds (poppy, sesame, etc.) can annoy. I limit acid, but can get away with small amounts. Whole wheat bothers me, but oats don't. I can eat many green veggies cooked; if frozen, I get the "no sauce" version & add a yogurt-type (fake) butter. That said, I imagine triggers are individual, requiring personal trial & error, unfortunately...

I'm on a Fosamax holiday; but when on it, it bothers me. But so does my daily calcium, which I think is common. You could check your bottle for side effects. Also, do you take with food?

Have you had an upper GI test? I know stomach acid from reflux can damage the esophagus, so I hope the reason you have it is FULLY understood & that the med you take is appropriate for your root cause. I hope you can get some improvement. Sending my best wishes, Vee
acid reflux is when the acids from the stomach leak into the esophagus. this happens because your esophagus has become irritated over time from high acid levels. there is a flap that normally keeps this under control. think of it like an overflow valve. but the high acid levels of your previous diet have made it so that this flap has become irritated and can no longer do its job. if you switch to a low acid diet your esophagus will eventually heal it self and this flap will begin working correctly again. once this happens you can enjoy some of the foods you did before as long as they are less frequent and not extremely high in acid. spaghetti should become possible again and it cant hurt to take an otc an hour or so before eating, something like prevacid which tends to not irritate people suffering from lupus. also some low acid alternatives if you like pasta possibly try an Alfredo sauce, pizza can be made with it as well and its delicious. chicken is good, i know my girlfriend cant handle any red meat at all, you may consider cutting it out and seeing if you feel better. if you like baked potatoes, maybe try a baked sweet potato with brown sugar. green beans are always good anything high in fiber should also be helpful. avoid anything spicy. maybe even cut out cinnamon just until we get your esophagus healthy again. there are a lot of people that suffer from acid reflux and there are many low acid cook books out there. i even saw a few recipes for a low acid tomato sauce. i suppose it all depends on how sever the reflux has gotten. i dont know if your a milk drinker, as i am not, but milk can be helpful in negating the symptoms of acid reflux. i hope some of this has helped seeing as acid reflux can be very uncomfortable.

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