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Good afternoon,
My son Andrew is a preemie that was born at 25 weeks he is now 4 and will be 5 in August. He has been in pretty fair health until this year. In February he had an allergic reaction to eggs and had to be rushed to the hospital. They gave him benadryl and oxygen until he got better and they sent him home with pills called prednisone for 5 days. He seemed to be fine, or so I thought, two weeks later he developed a rash and had flu like symptoms we took him to the Dr and he said Andrew had scarlet fever and gave antibiotics for 10 days. After 4 days on the medicine he still was not acting himself, I took him back to the Dr where they told me had gotten worse. They switched his antibiotic and that seemed to work. We took him back for a follow up and he was fine. Two weeks later Andrew is sick again the rash is back,he's scratching like crazy and is wheezing with a high fever, we take him to the E.R. and they tell us he has pneumonia,they keep him for almost two days and they let us go home. A few weeks later he is diagnosed with pneumonia again meanwhile this itchy rash is still covering his body,on his chest,stomach and back. It's also on his arms hands and thighs. I decided to take him to the Dr and explain my concern about the rash, he sent me to a dermatoligist,who basically told me Andrew was fine it was just a typical toddler rash and to change the washing detergent I use on his clothing. Lately Andrew is not the same he has good days and bad days...these are some of the things that happen.
-rash that is extremely itchy and patchy,very dry and scaly
- extreme itchy dry scalp with flakiness and thinning of his hair around his hairline
-His hands and feet are always extremely cold and sometimes turn bluish and then bet red after
-he has days where he tells me he cant walk and will
lay down and sleep all day
It's several other things but to make a long story short I took him in and explained all of the above and all the other things and the Dr mentioned a auto immune disorder might be it..js took bloodwork and told me he would refer Andrew to a pediatrician rhuemotalogist, I never suspected anything auto immune,but once I came home and started researching on it I see a lot of Andrews symptoms..the appt is in the 23rd of August, I know u guys are not drs just wanted some insite..

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