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Hi Everyone! Im new here. After years of thinking I was losing my mind as my body fell apart, I started having muscle and joint pain and swelling and emotional outbursts that took me back to the dr. Being the great guy he is, he rxd Cymbalta and he ran some tests.
My ANA test came back pos w/ nucleolar pattern which as I understand it means very little in the scheme of things, but it did cause my dr to scheduled an appt with a Rheumy, I go in August.

The Cymbalta has helped my "mental problems" (tounge in cheek,,, kinda) and I beleive it has helped the joint and muscle pain some (though on days I would deny that). Long story short my questions are:
Since the symptoms are being helped, will my tests results be affected?
Also, My rheum. sent a symptom form to be filled out prior to the visit. I find myself concerned that if I dont' put in every symptom i've had I will be downplaying yet if I mention each one Im afraid I will come off as some whiney hypocondriac (sp),
In short, which way would you recommend I go with this.
And one more. My basal temp has always been 97.6 so when I have a 98.6 i have a temp! Is this something that should be mentioned?

By the way, I love this message board. Since I recieved these test results I've been a little obsessed with finding lupus info, and some of you are just fountains of information. ... so thanks~!!

Symptoms thus far are: diagnosised with IBS, gerd, gallbladder problems. xray of fingers show slight damage to joints... joints all over body are painful and sometimes swollen with no rhyme or reason, lasting minutes or days or weeks without cause. Muscle cramps boardering on torture some days.. expecially in when I"ve sat or laid still for awhile. Red rash on face for 2 years on cheeks nose and forhead... goes from blush to darker sometimes... burns at times but no pain. also rash on chest and a couple times on my arms. Many oral problems + dry nose and dry mouth, bleeding gums. Lost alot of hair, hair dry and breaks alot as well. Losing hair on my eyebrowns too! dry skin. numbness on wrists. Back and neck pain usually improved temporarily by chiro... visit him 2-3 times a month compared to 2-3 times a year 3 years ago.
My hear and vision has gottem much worse. Eyes now dry, itchy, often swollen and red with rash at outside corners and very blurry in the morning - blurry all day. Moody more than a situation calls for, sometimes anxious. I get tired alot and it comes from nowhere and I am suddenly exhausted. But then sometimes I recover later in the day....

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