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Hi folks. I am currently in the process of getting diagnosed. Right now they are leaning towards a lupus diagnosis but it is not certain yet since I do not have most of the common symptoms. The only real symptom I have is systemic inflammation of tendons all over my body. I also have unspecified thyroiditis (tested negative for Hashimoto's antibodies, but thyroid is inflamed on ultrasound and I need meds for it). The tendon problems got severe in the past, then seemed to pretty much go away for a couple years at the same time I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism, then came back recently.

In terms of lab tests, I have had normal or elevated ESR, and I have tested negative for Lyme disease, HLA-B27, RF, and hemochromatosis. My first ANA test was negative several years ago, and a recent ANA test from a new doctor came back negative but just barely negative. He ordered some other tests based on the borderline ANA result, and these are the ones I need help with.

My lab results were:
Anti-dsDNA negative
Anti-Sm positive
SM/RNP IgG Ab positive
RNP IgG negative
SSA (Ro) Ab IgG negative
SSB (La) Ab IgG positive

I've been trying to look up what this means but I'm pretty confused. :confused: It sounds like testing positive for Anti-Sm means that I probably have lupus? My rheumatologist is going to put me on a 25 day tapering prednisone course to see if it helps, and I guess is going to try to diagnose me based on whether or not the prednisone helps anything. I am currently taking Lyrica and Tylenol to reduce the pain level.

Have any of you seen labs like this before? Do you know what they mean? I could use all the help I could get! Thanks!

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