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Hi. I'm so sorry you have all this going on! First off, NO WAY do I think you're a hypochondriac! I've known women who had some similar symptoms, but---DISCLAIMER ALERT---I'm only a dumb patient, so please don't take my comments as correct or exhaustive, OK?

Do you have copies of your recent bloodwork? Any anomalies?

Have your drs. listed conditions that cause unexplained midsection weight gain? I'd want as complete a list as possible. I suspect such a list would span multiple specialities, for example---

Have you had a GYN checkup? If not, you should, including the usual PAP, etc. And I'd probably ask about the endocrine (etc.) syndrome called PCOS.

Have you seen a gastroenterologist? What was the explanation for your colon polyps?

Have you seen an endocrinologist? Thyroid came to my mind, too. (My sis went hypothyroid, gained 20 lbs, with insomia, severe constipation, etc. Her hair got sparse & coarse, and her face & throat widened, meaning her weight gain wasn't solely around her midsection.)

Another woman I know was Dx'ed with PCOS including insulin resistance, also "fatty liver" (the non-alcohol related type), and she also had bouts of pancreatitis. While I'd think things that BIG would show up in various ways on standard bloodwork, it can't hurt to ask.

As for hand tremors, the several people I know with Parkinson's had those, plus severe sleep disturbances, quick changes in heart rate, constipation, seborrhea-type facial skin eruptions, heartburn, but NOT weight gain. I don't know if it's even remotely possible, but I'd ask the neurologist, only because I'd want SOMETHING that explains hand tremors.

I think hand tremors can also occur due to erratic blood sugar levels... so, another question is, have various conditions that cause erratic blood sugar been considered? Diabetes is the obvious one, but I think PCOS can include insulin resistance. Further, I wonder part of the brain sends signals to the pancreas? (There's a question in there I can't quite spit out! I'll post more, if I can get that one ironed out in my mind.)

In lupus, I think many patients lose weight, but there's probably no hard & fast rule. (Lupus is so "all over the place"!) I send hugs & hopes that you get yourself to a diagnosis. Don't quit trying, OK? You're NOT making all this up! Post more when you can. Sending all my best, sincerely, Vee
P.S. Just read more on unexplained weight gain, finding problems with a major organ (heart, liver or kidneys); Cushing's; pituitary; drugs such as antidepressants. Bye, V.

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