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I have my blood results back since today and under the Lupus (SLE) Panel it says: ANA IFA Screen Reflex with Titer Anti-Nuclear AB Positive (Out of range) What does that mean? Is it Lupus, could it be Lupus, could it be something else? I am trying to find out what is wrong with me since 2 and a half years...down below is the original post I posted on this website. I know it is long. You don't have to read it, but please let me know what that result means!?

Hi, to everyone here on the HealthBoard! I am a 37 year old female and very healthy up to two years ago. Numerous Doctors can't figure out what is wrong with me. I received so many diagnoses and prescriptions and the problem is getting worse. I feel like I have reached the end of my rope. Maybe one of you can help. Here is my Story:

I am a waitress . It started, that every once in a while I felt pain in my right shoulder, which would subside after a few weeks. My eyes would get dry and feel like something is irritating them. The first Doctor I went to, blamed it on my job and Allergies. Which, with time, seemed to get more and more. That was about 21/2 years ago. I started getting lightheaded and felt like I have hot flashes, which came and went. My skin was flushing and burning at times, so I stopped taking my favorite skin lotion. Then a few months later I had the H1N1 which completely swiped me off my feet for 4 weeks with High fever.

A whole bunch of ibuprofen later I started getting better and then i started the following symptoms: muscle weekness, chest pain, cough, hot feeling but only light or no fever, runny nose, congested nose and I had a hoarse voice for almost 6 months. It felt like a Sinusitis or a very bad Virus infection. I felt tired and week all the time and most of the time I felt nausea, but I would not vomit. This condition stayed for about 5-6 months. I lost 14 lb due to not much appetite. Different Doctors told me different things from Allergies to Sinusitis to Bronchitis. I took Zitromax, Allegra D, Cephalexin, nasonex, loratadin, doxycycline, and Valium for pain. Not all at the same time, but over some months. Nothing seemed to improve my condition. Then a doctor diagnosed me with Asthma and gave me Advair, Qvar and Levaquin. It never felt like Asthma and it didn't have the wheezing either. Then one morning joints started hurting in my knees and I had this crackeling sensation all over my body. My left arm went numb and tingelt and I had this incruciating chest pain. At the same time my abdominal area was hurting too. Stinging pains on my right side in hip area and stinging pain in ovary area both sides.

Time for the hospital. They checked my Vitals, took my blood, thyroid test, EKG and an MRI for my appendix. Everything was negative! They discharged me with viral illness, bedrest recommended and sent me on my way with Proventil. After another view weeks my cough was getting less and less and all symptoms but the flushing skin, hot flashes and occational chest pain subsided. Then the Doctors told me it might be pre menopause, since I was on birthcontrol for 17 years and stopped taking it 5 years ago. But all that for pre menopause...?? The worst was yet to come. The months went by with me sneezing and feeling good one day and a little sick the other. A cold here a rah there, food allergies came and went and then one month ago I had a weired, abnormal taste in my mouth for 4 days, gum sores, a pimpel invasion on my behind and terrible stomack pains. My joints did the cracking and crackeling again. I was itchy all over my body. My arms were week, tingeling or numb or both. My eyes were burning, dry and on fire. My teeth hurt so bad, then my jaw. I started getting soft stool, then watery diarrea for 3 days. Stinging pain in my left arm, stinging random pains all over my body and then just when I felt a little better, my legs felt heavy and I had this burning pain all over my body. I was in agony. Went to the hospital. Blood test, Vitals, thyroid, Ct Brain scan, everything negative. Diagnose chronic pain and a recommendation for an MRI which my insurance doesn't want to pay for.

Yes, I have a job but the insurance is still terrible. The next morning I couldn't walk my legs were so numb and week, I had tremors and my vision was blurred and almost double. I am far sided anyways and everything just seemed further away. The days went by and my legs felt better and my tremors became shaking and a feeling of weekness in my body. A few itchy spots showed up on my legs, which look like spider bites, but itch way worse than that. My legs are cramping a lot, despite the fact I try to eat more vegetables and fruit and I eat vitamins. I keep having stinging pains in my right side above the hip. Stinging pains between my shoulder blades. My chest hurts badly and stings at times and sometimes looks swollen. I feel dizzy and light headed and tired a lot. No appetite. Sometimes my legs, ankles and knees look swollen. I have a hard time falling asleep and i wake up at night and can't go back to sleep due to uncomfort. I either sweat at night or I feel very cold. My body is achy. My eyes are very dry, itchy and my vision is different than it was 2 years ago.

Sometimes I wake up and my mouth is so dry my tongue is sticking to the back of my throat. A lot of times after I eat I get hot flashes. I lost 17 lb in one Month. There is no diabetes in my family. If anything, Arthritis (grandma), allergies (mother) and my grandpa died of a heart condition in his 50's.

I was a very healthy child, always playing outside without any allergies to anything. I had Chickenpox when I was 19, but got vaccinated again because of USA immigration laws. Every once in a while I see some chickenpox looking pimples on my skin, but they disappear again. Oh, and I have neckpain. My neck is stiff quite a bit and I used to have a dermatofibroma on my shoulder which was removed. I have one on my left leg as well. And 5 years ago they detected two cysts on my ovaries, but told me they are nothing to worry about. I hope I have everything. This is the situation I am in right now and the numerous Doctors so far have no idea.

They almost act like I am crazy or some kind of hypochondriac. The worst thing is the fact of not knowing. My insurance doesn't pay for all the fancy tests and with all the symptoms involved there would be a lot of testing which had to be done. So please, if anybody had any idea or recommendation......I will answer all your additional questions
Geez, already Wednesday. The last two days I was so tired I couldn't function. Monday the GI appointment went fine. Never got to see the Dr., just the NP who was very nice. We are doing stool samples for the next 3 days and a Colonoscopy on Tuesday. My only worry is that my body will rebell against the magnesium citrate lemon liquid I have to drink 4 bottles of :( I have that bad feeling it'll get worse afterwards.

My GP appointment was very short. They told me they "accidentally" scheduled me again and my mono test was negative. While I was already there I told her to check my ears, because my Sinuses and ears are completely stuffy and sure enough she told me I am completely clogged and prescribed another antibiotic. Picking it up I realized I can't take it, because I already had an allergic reaction to it before (Bactrim DS) and I don't want to take that chance.

In complete agony since 3 days with lower back pain in kidney area, fatigue, inflamed eyes, mouth, sinus trouble, headaches, digestive and urinary tract problems, feeling like the flu but of course still no fever, astigmatism getting worse, I called the Rheumatologist and literally begged them to give me an appointment earlier than mid-December. They gave me one mid November now, thank goodness. "Only" one more month to go.

Thank you for the dietary tips. Cut out the coffee, tea, try to eat non spicy and leave out the acidy things. It is so hard to figure out what I can, should, shouldn't... eat. It seems like EVERYTHING causes trouble and allergies. Besides I don't really feel hungry anyways and that makes things worse. Everytime they weight me I lost 2 or 2.5 pounds *sniffle*

Yesterday, I picked up my medical records from the Emergency room last year when I was dismissed with "Viral Ilness" after my arms went numb and my heart and chest hurt, cough, (almost the same symptoms I am having now, but not as bad). I was surprised of what I found. My Lymphocytes were 22 on a range of 26-46. Which is low. My potassium was low as well and they found Protein and Ketones in my urin. Doesn't that have something to do with the Kidney's?

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