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your message was perfectly readable :D The bloodtests were performed by my GP. She also referred me to a Neurologist, who gave me a pet on the back and told me (pretty much exact words): "I am supposed to do a whole bunch of testing with you, but not today, CUTIE. We will do another brain MRI first and we will call you. Don't worry, we'll figure out what is wrong with you, HUN." Well, that was two weeks ago and I have not heard from him eversince then. Surprise!

I have been to my GP to 3 follow up appointments so far. Last time I think she was so fed up with me seeing her every week that she told me to schedule the next follow up in two months and she said she will refer me to a rheumatologist. So they sent me a letter in the mail with an appointment with a (good reputation) Rheumatologist in 4 MONTHS (mid December) Seriously!!!

I am writing a diary, some sort of Illness Diary. How I felt that day, what I ate that day and which Symptoms appeared. Lately I am getting lots of little "sunspots" Everywhere. They start like little pimples, but are itchy and then they turn into little brown lasting spots on my skin. Everytime I feel worse I get more. Also worse when I am in the sun. My Urinary tract is going nuts. I need to go pee, but then the stream is very week and it feels like my bladder doesn't empty completely, almost like something is blocking it. And the most annoying thing is this off and on "chest pain" in the same spot. Left of my Sternum. And of course the "usual" hot flashes, sweating, dizzyness eye irritation, a few itchy spots like chickenpox, "yeast attacks", vision change and NEVER fever.

I have all meds and all Doctor visits in chronological order with all the symptoms I had and which medicine I was prescribed and wheather I had an allergic reaction or not (definately to prednisone and a few others) and with the diagnosis I received. Sometimes I wonder if an arterie Disease could cause all this, because my dad just recently had an operation on his aortic valve and he had blood circulation problems all his life. Something with the intestines would sound likely too. The problem is I have so many symptoms that I can't pinpoint the actual reason for all those. Whatever causes me to feel like this causes all those symptoms around it which appear and subside again. But it always starts with flu-like symptoms. That is why I was diagnosed with a viral illness quite a few times. Bedrest and back to work. Which reminds me I am scheduled to go back to work in 4 days and am not sure how I will pull this off :confused:

I also changed my diet a little and I try to eat healthier (more fruit and vegetables), no red meat, no carbohydrates from bread. No diarrhea for 2 days now and I hope it stays this way. Hugs to you to :wave:

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