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Re: Help- lab test
Jan 11, 2012
[QUOTE=mbbasketball;4840415]PLEASE HELP

I just got my labs the results:
ANA 1:40(weak postive) Homogeneous
S/M Neg
SM/RNP 6.2 rand <1.0 Neg.

Everything else was normal ie, JO-1, SSA,SSB and HEP-C
CK -normal
Sed rate-normal

Is Sm/RNP the same as U1-RNP?
Does this point to MCTD?

Back ground, many years of joint, muscle pain. Rash on hands, legs and now neck and body, GI problem, KIdney problems, and fatigue and cardiac problem, hypothyroid. Told everything was in anxiety. My over pain has gotten much worse over the past few months.


Well here we are in January 2012 and still no answers. Here is an update.
ANA 1:80 Speckled
Vit D 28(low) In September it was 54(don't know what happened to my vit D

Had EMG/NCV: showed inclusion body myopathy(don't know why)
Still in dx hell. Can't get one. No one seem to know what is going on.

shoulder bursitis finally got injection which has helped.
Having one good day follow by two bad days. I think my problem is when I have a good day, I try to catch up and over do, so then I spend two days recovering.

Ending call 911 a few weeks ago, thought I was having a heart attack. Stayed in the hospital for a two days, noting was found wrong. I called 911 because out of the blue, while doing nothing, heart started racing over 135 bpm, blood pressure shot up 220/110 with chest pain, dizzyness and shortness of breath. Guess what, heart was fine. I know it was not all in my head, but that is what the docs make me think it is. The only thing that showed up was my potassium was bottom of normal and high hgb, no one mentioned that to me.

I still am trying to stay positive, but it is getting really hard.

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